About Us

We are the most popular limousine service in New Jersey.

Why Bee There Limousine Service remains the first choice of major local corporations

  • Bee There has a proven track record for outstanding professional — having served corporations and individuals in Northern New Jersey for sixteen years.
  • Bee There helps customers reduce their operating expenses

“Bee There Limos an exclusive and well-established NJ Limo service based in Bergen County providing chauffeured NJ limousine & NJ Car Service transportation or Limo Hire in the North East.”

Following are many extras routinely charged by other companies that we do not charge to our clients:

No fuel surcharge:Most New Jersey limousine services add a fuel or other ground transportation surcharge ranging anywhere from $3 per ride to 10% of the total fare (and they keep charging it even when gas price goes down), we do not.

No ground transportation tax: At some limousine services this is just another name for the fuel surcharge; at others is in addition to the fuel surcharge

No inflated tips: Most limousine services charge between 18% and 20% standard gratuity. Ours remains at 15%.

No extra charge for “meet and greet”: Other limousine services charge up to $10 to meet you inside the terminal, help you with your luggage, and escort you to your vehicle. We charge only for parking in most cases just $5.

No outrageous waiting time charges: Many limousine services start charging waiting time immediately after the scheduled pick up. Our waiting time grace period remains one of the most generous in the industry: 15 minutes for home, office or hotel pick ups, 30 minutes after landing for domestic airport arrivals and 60 minutes after landing for international airport arrivals.  (Of course, we track all incoming flights so you do not pay waiting time on delayed flights.)

Who We Are

Interested in opening an account with us? We would certainly welcome the opportunity to serve you. We have an excellent reputation with local corporations — attached is a helpful checklist regarding our service and some of our pricing structures. 

I would be happy to send you more information and an account agreement. I would need a bit more information regarding your ground transportation requirements (i.e., approximately how often you travel, if this account would be just for yourself or for a company with multiple travelers, etc.)